loss of sight



his eyes

wide and glowing green

inside something snarled

it’s voice a blend of

grinding teeth and the cracking

of knuckles




its mouth opening

rows of fangs

the blood of man or woman


swirling around

gurgling liquid crimson

like mouthwash



sore and swollen

he is easy target

hard to miss this weak thing

walking on rusty train tracks

writing the end too soon


i know how this ends –

i just forgot how it started.

lost in skin

which scar is mine?

which smile is mine?

the texture of  pain

all rough, and bumpy


i have seen the footage and you have too.

evidence of decay scratched into skin

the backward rolling eye – visionless.

ready to be dissected by scalpels and knives.


ripples of light burn as

blackness traps my eyes

starting to outgrow my own breath



poem #21

she talks

steps back
into fear,
reaches forward
into courage.
both hands
tingling in
fluorescent midnight.
she breathes
she breathes.
breaks into silence
with a fist
to the wall
catching teardrops
with butterfly nets,
sets them free
as fragile as
 they can be

a void of black matter


the windows are dirty 

and she cant see anything 

but foggy and distilled images

merging into car crash

merging into stiffened jaws and 

firm, purple upper lips.

 a carcass of dying things

a mouth of maggots 

eyes made from polished silver 

and scrubbed hardwood floors.

She doesn’t wear glasses but

she goes to get her eyes checked because 

everything is dark without reason.

in a haze, subtracting the hue of light. 


old china cup eyes

she comes with a history
 book inside her palms
her name is crossed out-
a chicken scratch of rage
of ink blots
symptoms and side effects
now ring true
and the doctors say
borderline and she finds the letters
of her names between new refills for medications
all her rough drafts are
 mangled within colourless skin
carried over her shoulder
beyond this
is a numbness betraying darkness
and smiling at sunlight with rotting teeth.

A hidden heaven


The wind pulls me back to a

place where i belong

right by your side

pockets of green

a hidden heaven

behind overlapping trees

i coloured the sky

with your favourite

shade of blue and the sun

smiled back at me.

fluttering eyes bring me back

to a time of

careless laughing

born again to rosy cheeked smiles.

the wind pulls me back to a place

where i belong

right by your side.