My digital footprint

My digital footprint consists of the sites that i have visited and ones i’m a member of. When googling myself, i couldn’t really find anything out of the ordinary – other than supermodels with the same name as me. Mostly what I came across was what i have already searched or posted online. I also came across my own username handles and certain posts (sites like tumblr,FB and instagram). I decided to draw all of the apps as they are on my phone and the different places that are recently googled. I would say that i have somewhat of a large online identity and it makes me wonder how private it really is.


The identity

Megan is a published writer who enjoys the works of Robert Frost and Edgar Allan Poe. She has a deep love for Shakespeare. She has received multiple Editors’ choice awards from Teen Ink. She spends most of her time writing poetry and reading novels. She has a love for animals and green tea. Currently, surviving high school through creations of Art work in varying forms.