When I was little I was compared to my baby sister. Before bath time we would see who has the bigger tummy. I was smart and I watched my dad eat and are like him. Not too long after that I broke my ankle. I became couch bound. The pounds packed on. When I was in 6th grade I was XX pounds I was obese for my age. I was bullied at school and bullied at home by my parents. Slowly without realizing it, I started to lose weight. By 7th grade I cut down a lot of what I eat. By 7th grade my friends taught me to just drink water and chew gum for breakfast. I started not eating lunch. By 8th grade I stopped eating lunch and only eating before practice. I got down to XX when I knew it was Ana or swimming. I quit swimming and said it was to focus on my grades. I entered 9th grade around XX and then it went down hill I stop eating completely . I got down to XX,then I learned that bulimia mixed in with lowest was XX.

On my 16th birthday I ate so much and got sick not just food I threw up but blood. The next day I was in a coma state. I knew I had to stop. I use to purge in my sleep. Finally I started recovering on my own I would eat and then have fun burning it off. Then I was hospitalized. It reset me. By this time I was about XX. When I was released I binged everyday. I relapsed a lot. My depression got very bad and I went to partial. They saved my life that’s also where I learned to eat right. Soon I got out of there and I became healthy. I wasn’t active anymore because my body is worn from the extreme dieting. I would only eat berries and walk miles in sweat pants and a sweat shirt in the summer to burn it off. So I started ganging weight again slowly. Slowly I got up to XX and kept slowly going up. I made it a year without Anorexia  I realized I was happier before and felt more alive before I recovered. I relapsed. I am still struggling with my eating disorder and it is something that I will have to continue to work on.


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