Strength lies in sharing your truth

My depression came crawling into my life with knives for hands and blades for feet. Of course, he didn’t look like this. He looked like your average, good looking, manipulative man with magnetic eyes and a way with words. Slowly, he eased his way in. Before I knew it I was staying in bed all day, missing school, ditching classes, self harming in attempts to escape the hell I was then enduring.

A couple years ago I thought that being strong was holding tears back and pretending that everything was fine, even if it wasn’t. I thought that strength meant lying to my family and friends about how I was doing. This idea made me believe that weakness meant crying and breaking down in my room at night when everyone else was asleep.

I used to put a stop watch on my recovery, now i realize that you can’t set a date for your wellness. For some people, treatment for depression is finding the right medication and seeing a therapist, and eventually they find the skills to cope in a healthy way. For others, It’s a lifelong battle. I’ve come to realize that I will be fighting Depression, Anxiety, Self Harm and BPD for the rest of my life. I’ve also come to realize that All of these things, won’t define me and I refuse to let them.



5 thoughts on “Strength lies in sharing your truth”

  1. Bless you. I really hope you find some form of help even if it’s just to ease some of the pain (hopefully, that will be something other than self harm). Sending you warm hugs and bucketful of hope! X

  2. if you need anything I’m here. don’t forget how strong you are and how much you’re worth. people care, and I hope you find it within yourself to realize that recovery is possible and getting help is okay💗

  3. I know right?! At first it’s like, keeping silent is a sign of strength but eventually, we realize, it’s okay to speak up that we need help. Take care ❤
    Btw, I host a weekly “Mental Health Friday” column on my blog where I share stories of others with Mental health. You can check it Out and i’ld love to have you if you want to contribute too. 🙂

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