Hiding the truth: Depression

I’m taking a little spin on this Blogging thing. I don’t know who this will reach or who it will touch. One thing that i do know is that its in me to share and to write.

when someone asks me what’s wrong, I never really know what to say. I mean, we’ve been taught to wear a smile and shake off any bad day. Pretend that everything is fine when it is obviously is not. Uttering the words “I’m depressed” shouldn’t be so hard, but for me, it is. And for a lot of other people, too. I still try and dodge the question when it comes around. Nothing is wrong but I’m depressed and I’m struggling. Sometimes there isn’t one thing, sometimes there is no reason at all. Some people don’t accept it as a fact or reason. Because there has to be something that is upsetting you, right? Well, no. They call it a chemical imbalance for a reason.

I, for one understand why people don’t talk about what they are going through. I mean its hard enough opening yourself up to someone and really truly trusting them. Baring your soul to them. It takes courage. And I have just learned that myself (the hard way) Its not easy to let someone know that you’re not okay. Hiding is a lot easier than speaking up and being honest to yourself and to others. I still live with the fear of not being understood or respected because of what i am going through but everyday I make a choice to get out of bed, get dressed and tackle what ever the day throws in my direction.


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