Bulimia’s hair is tangled

and screaming

like a six year old

who wont take no

for an answer

Lips coated in

sugar and shame

and teeth bleached by the

crawling stomach acid.

her body hides

behind hoodies

long sleeves, cardigans

sweats and

skinny jeans

she has been here

since the very beginning

held my hand as i

crossed the street

to the corner store

wiped the tears

from my cheeks

she stays by my side

a childhood friend

that never went away

with every calorie missed

every dinner I skipped

is a pat on the back

a job well done

that only caused

more pain to try

to diminish.   


2 thoughts on “snapshots”

  1. Pull her hair, punch out her teeth, scratch at her skin until she leaves you alone. I’m trying to get her away, too. It’s been a long five years.

    I really appreciate the brutal honesty and imagery in your poem. Thank you for sharing your words.

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