My buried life – Bucket List

1) Publish a book of my poetry 2) Swim with dolphins in Cuba 3) Write a novel 4) Reunite with an old friend 5) Getting matching friendship tattoos 6) Volunteer at a no kill pet shelter 7) Go to Scotland to learn about my family history 8) Become a mental health speaker at CMHA 9) Volunteer at ArtCity 10) Graduate High school 11) Perform at a poetry slam 12) See Shane Koyczan perform live  13) Create a piece of street art 14) Put change in someones expired meter 15) Sell my artwork 16) Go whale watching in Australia 17) Meet Ellen Hopkins 18) Buy a homeless person breakfast 19) Go on a bike tour in London 20) Visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam 21) Bowl a perfect game 22) Get a degree in Psychology 23) Write a short story 24) Go to a ted talk 25) Overcome my fear of public speaking 26) Visit the grand canyon 27) Make a stranger smile 28) Post my Spoken Word poetry on youtube  29) Have my book for sale at McNally Robinson 30) Go horseback riding in California 31) Kiss a Beluga whale 32) Swim with Sea Turtles 33) Visit the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids 34) Fly in a hot air balloon in South Africa 35) Get a masters in art therapy 36) Go on a safari in Kenya 37) See a poetry slam in NYC 38)  Get in touch with my inner artist 39) Donate to mental health awareness 40) Write a graphic novel 41) High Five Liza Minelli 42) Photograph life in different countries 43) Wear a “Free Hugs” Sign for 24 hours 44) Go Zorbing 45) Become an Art Therapist 46) Explore the temples of Angkor 47) Dive the great barrier reef 48) Walk the great wall of china 49) Ride a Gondola in Venice 50) Attempt Ariel Yoga 51) attend an outdoor concert


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