Every Thursday


Every thursday

every plain, grey eyed

thursday we wait.


These automatic

doors are home to

the many struggling souls,

caught between

need and desire.


im sorry

for this

im sorry for

this taste of destruction

known only by my skin.


The waiting room

is a shoe box we are

all trying to fit in.

sitting cross legged

in the foamy chairs

answering with false

answers to the question

of how are you


She greets us with a smile

that doesn’t try pretend


entering through

the doorway,

we walk like snails

down the slender hallway.


One thought on “Every Thursday”

  1. Hi!
    I’ve just started a blog about my personal journey with OCD/PTSD/Depression, and overcoming it through exposure therapy and faith. Please feel free to have a read, and share it to anyone who it might be helpful to, or whoever you think might enjoy it.

    I’ve never done anything like this before, so lots of support would mean the world to me. Thanks!
    Happy healing, OCD fighters!


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