girl wakes up in a room

the walls crumble into pieces of deformed rock

as sirens of yells echo throughout.

girl wakes up eating her way out of

fear and shame. out of loss and grief.

girl wakes up in a back alley with a boy

his lips on hers, his calloused hands

trace the outline of her dirty figure.

he walks away, numb tear drops

trickle down her cheeks

girl wakes up with ragged teeth

coated with satin acid.

girl wakes up with hand drawn faces

none of them she started out with.

girl wakes up to a death bed

covered by the roaring unknown

doesn’t know if its hers

but her body sinks into the bloodless covers.

girl wakes up with a handful of pills

girl wakes up in a hospital bed

a familiar scene.  Bare beneath the gown,

covered in vomit. IVs in arms

watching medicine enter her bloodstream.

girl wakes up to nurses discussing her as a number.

girl wakes up into a nightmare

realizes its reality.

girl wakes up in a weekly therapy session.

doesn’t know of anything else.

girl wakes up to rain knocking on her window

but for all she knows it could be

teeth or glass breaking.

Girl wakes up in a puddle of tears

and antidepressants

wishes this would be it.

girl wakes up as a prisoner to her own darkness.


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