Grad dresses & Anxiety


I put off looking for a grad dress for the longest time because well, lets be honest- I would wear sweats and a hoodie if I could. But apparently people don’t do that. Part of the reason I didn’t want to go looking was because going to these bridal shops and boutiques seem kind of far fetched and not really me. Also, I still am unsure If I will be graduating this June. My high school experience has been anything but good or fun.

I went shopping with my sister and a few of her friends. I had a pretty good time going out with them, it was kind of like playing dress up again like we used to always do when we were little munchkins. The last place we went was Jessica’s bridal. My favourite colour is green so I said, Grab everything green. This dress was the first one i tried on. For the first time I felt like a princess looking into the huge scale mirror. I knew it was the dress.

Longterm Goal: Graduate with my sister this June.


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