a letter to myself, whoever that is.

dear me,

where ever you

are where ever you

end up its okay

to be angry scream

yell until your vocal

cords begin to burst

from the pressure when

you are curled up into a ball

of blankets allow yourself

to cry to let sadness

melt down your cold


dear me,


let go

forget their wishes

their desires

for what

who they want

you to be.

write until your fingers

cramp up and

write more. hold onto

what drives you

to the place you’d never

though you would go.

dear me


walk away

from the hurt that you’ve

been walking beside

for years.


smile for the

years that your lips were

nothing but i straight uneasy

line on your face.

dear me, live.

there is more to life than just

existing in your skin.


don’t forget to



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