Personal Addition #18 – Stress

I wanted to reblog this most because I can relate to it so much, being in our last year of highschool there’s so much stress and anxiety about finishing school “on time” and getting good grades. Sometimes we just need to take a “vacation” from our daily lives.

Maddie Moore

With exams coming up soon (IB) and the end of school being just around the corner, things can get really stressful right now. Personally, I feel overwhelmed with the amount that I have going on, from school to dance to work to having a social life. It’s a lot to deal with. But, regardless of how stressed we are, we must learn to make sure it does not get the best of us. When I get stressed out, I know all I can do is either push through or step back, but I know that usually I have to push through to achieve the outcome I want. Right now, I am very thankful for the support of my friends and family who are continuously encouraging me to do my best. That is what we need to remember in times of stress. We can only do our best and we can…

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