the best place to be.

The summer wind welcomes me back as it plays with the lengthy strands of my thick, brown  hair. In this hand-drawn town, there are sunflower smiles and cowboy hat tilts. I am welcomed back to the rolling green with horses wandering out and about without worry. The creamy sky outline has been coloured in with rushed hands. Stepping out onto the gravel road, i can feel rocks entering the holes in my worn out shoes. Out in the country, I hear the chirping birds singing songs to their loved ones, the tree branches waving hello and goodbye. Beyond the rusted train tracks lives a cheap, compact, run-down hotel. Where we spend our nights watching  old family guy episodes and walk barefoot along the road to find purring cats laying on their backs. I store these moments onto a memory card and insert it into my heart, to remember on days of a hail storm. The blanket of sky covers the night with sparkling specs of starlight.


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