Personal Addition #11 – what happens after this…

The most popular question I’ve been asked to year is if I am going to university next year? For the most part I just say that I am going to take a year off. Does anyone else feel this pressure that we have to do more school right after we finish school? I mean, can’t we catch a break?


So everyone’s favourite question when you get to senior year is “what are you doing after high school?” and while I have handily avoided deciding about university by going to another high school in a different country, I still feel a lot of pressure to decide what I’ll be doing in 2016.

I honestly have no clue. University feels obvious, but then there’s which one and which degree and which courses and which hostel? This decision seems so loaded – it’s going to affect the rest of my life, I don’t want to get it wrong! I’m so envious of people who just know what they want and where they want to do it.

I think I’m hoping that having a gap year will trigger some deep desire for a particular career or something…. we’ll see.

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