Letter to the teachers who wont remember me


its not that I don’t
want to speak
its that I want to so badly
to raise my right hand
to say the right thing
without traveling
at too fast of a speed.
only that my lips are
super glued together.
I know the answer
I have it stored it in a
safe below my tongue
and I’ve forgotten
the combination
but it’ll never come out
as smoothly as I plan it to.
I am here
in the very back afraid
of being called on.
Did I mention
I never got to finish the assigned
textbook work
pages 256-260 have not
been read even though I got no
sleep the night before
I was too busy counting
how many pills
it would take to
not wake up
how many times I’ve
let my skin become
a canvas of red lines.
Did I mention
I missed what you
said about
what we’re working
on because im still
trying to figure out
how to teach my lungs how
to work normally in a
body of fire.
Im still learning how to


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