Blackout poetry reflection

                                                        When I embarked on the journey of creating blackout poetry, I felt right at home. I didn’t really have any trouble creating the poems which explblack out poetryains why I came up with more than three poems. I think it really depends on what articles that you can find – then you may come up with more dark, mysterious poems.

To me, finding the words came pretty easily. I think that for some it might of been more difficult, considering others’ creative process. I decided to add some artwork to go along with a couple of my poems because the poems that i came up with create a lot of visual imagery, and since painting is one of my passions i figured that i would give it a shot. I think my favourite visual is the watercolour paining of the hand with an IV. To me, this reflects and reminds me of a lot of memories I’ve had of being in the hospital. 

I think that this way of writing is more unique and a lot more interesting. It catches the eye as well. When you see that someone has blacked out certain words to create a story of sorts. I think this form of writing can prompt you to write more about the subject and can lead you towards other things as well. 


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