Spiders in my throat

Spider Mouth by Fayerin on DeviantArt
Spider Mouth by Fayerin on DeviantArt

spiders in my throat

eight legged madness scratching

at my gag reflex the pressure

is heavy on my chest of thorns.

vines dont grow through the pavement here,

no flowers bloom in this withering body.

trimming away at skin cutting across

the dotted line. it is a virus eating away

at a living thing full of protest and prize.

layers of cement coat my flesh layer

after layer the tar is clogging my lungs.

my lungs cannot filter a breath full of knives

digging deeper and deeper suffocation

is wrapped around my neck the rope, knotted

with the noise screeching like a siren no

one else can hear but me. as the pressure

tightens black smoke chokes me

with a blinding pain that leaves

no mark except shame.


2 thoughts on “Spiders in my throat”

  1. An enthralling piece! If your motive was to acquaint the reader with harsh reality of this concrete world, well your purpose was served 🙂 The image was a bit disturbing but I guess it does justice to the words.

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