specks of you have cluttered

the atmosphere, tracing the

skyline with the embers of your

wrinkled fingertips.

I breathe through the musky winds

my lungs pick up the remains of ash

left over from forest fires.

all darkness floods my surrounding.

miles away from the memories

i backtrack to you with the words like

knives piercing

my skin,

the glaring eyes shooting back

through the mirror, inches

from your touch

i flinch at the very

thought of this continuous cruelty.

each day weakening

as smiles turn into straight

pale lines along my arms.

picking up the pieces over and over again

only to find myself  bleeding on

the bathroom floor.


One thought on “infectious”

  1. This completely and totally left me empty. I hope one day you find a love that will keep all of your pieces holding together ❤

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