Meeting my poetry hero!


The west end cultural centre was squished with young and old bodies, sitting in chairs, it was jam packed at 8 pm. There was guys, who were dragged alongside girlfriends, the boyfriends who would much rather be at home watching the news, or watching football or anything else but a poetry reading. The air was anything but clear, i could smell the sweat from the man sitting in front of me, the loud voices, the beer bottles hitting the floor. My friend and I, we sat in silence having our own anxiety attacks. Waiting for this spoken word poet. Shane Koyzcan. When he finally came out, I finally realized what everyone always talks about, the feeling of “home”. This was my place. Despite my gut wrenching anxiety, there was no where else I would rather be.

I came across shane when i was watching ted talks randomly on youtube. After i listened to “To This Day” I was hooked. He inspired me to keep writing when I really could not imagine myself taking another breath. His poetry helped me day to day. Getting the chance to see him perform was so surreal and still it makes me impossibly happy. He gave me hope, and gave me something to belive in again. It was an honour to even be in the same room as him. Unbelievably happy that i even got a picture with my poetry inspiration.


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