4 Don’ts Of Talking To People With Eating Disorders

Things people need to know about those who are struggling with EDS

Thought Catalog

Annette Shaff / (Shutterstock.com) Annette Shaff / (Shutterstock.com)

1. Don’t try to force them to eat.

People often fail to understand that eating disorders aren’t primarily physical; they are mental disorders, and they begin in the mind. Trying to force a friend with an eating disorder to eat not only causes great emotional distress for them, it also isn’t going to cure them. They might eat when pressured by a friend to do so, but they will return to their disordered habits as soon as they are alone. If said person has bulimia* or EDNOS**, there is a chance they will simply attempt to vomit after being forced to eat.

2. Don’t comment on their appearance negatively or positively.

Telling someone with an eating disorder that they are “beautiful the way they are” is a nice sentiment, but it will not make a difference. People with these disorders do not see themselves…

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