Letter to my dog


you’ve been barring your bones

in the stones in the driveway

while you chase the mail man,

the boy on the bicycle

the kids who play hopscotch out back,

every moving thing that catches your

ocean blue eyes.

strangers better be warned to

never put their hand out to you

as innocence turns into a flaming demon

captured in your growl.

the old man

throws baseballs and

tennis balls into the

backyard for you to play with

and i know, it makes me wonder too

has he taken his

daily medications today?

and i’m sorry for spraying water on you

for laughing at your fear having a heart attack.

for laughing when you hide

under the bed when i vacuum my room.

no one has ever known what we’ve been through

together, that you’ve kissed my wrists

after they were kissed by a metal blade.


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