im sorry

for the nights I

demanded the emergency room

im sorry we cant talk

about it

im sorry I

cant fix it

im sorry I cant

fix me

i’m sorry you cant

fix me.

im sorry for the screeching


im sorry I cant see you.

Im sorry for leaving the


Im sorry for running when

you wanted to talk

Im sorry for stealing the

pills from your drawer

im sorry for stealing

all the razors.

Im sorry he died

days before

your birthday.

Im sorry this runs

in the family.

Im sorry there is no


im sorry for the mutilation.

Im sorry for the


Im sorry you cant

see this pain. Im sorry

you treat me like you were


Im sorry you’re just like


Im sorry for the loss.

Im sorry I still hate you

im sorry I still want to

love you.

Im sorry we cant talk

anymore. Im sorry

my voice trembles. Im sorry

you found

the note. Im sorry

I took nineteen sleeping pills

because of you. Im sorry I

still get so angry.

Im sorry I cant hug you


Im sorry I cant remember

him. Im sorry this isn’t going

to get any better.

I’m sorry im gone.

I’m sorry you can’t find me – you never could.


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