Reading Assignment #4 – Reading Doodle

I found the doodling to pretty easy for me. I tend to be a very visual person so that is why I believe it went rather smoothly to me. I don’t think that doodling really does too much for me but it can be helpful for some people. Although, I find that creating images makes it more clear for me to grasp what it is I’m reading or learning about.

For the most part I included certain phrases that stuck out to me and images of the setting. I chose to include a drawing of a conversation, I felt that adding this is quite relevant because in Leonard’s “business” he meets a lot of people, and everyone seems to know his name whenever they go to fancy restaurants and expensive hotels. This makes me wonder about the exact details of this business and if James should really embark on it with Leonard. He has become a father figure to James and wishes that he would work for him, and to stay away from working as a doorman at the bar. I think it shows how much Leonard cares about James and his recovery. I think it is very sweet that he does not want James to relapse. This is a new kind of perspective that I find interesting. I also included this quote: “everyone thinks we’re barbarians, but we’ve got soft, sophisticated sides to us,” I thought this was important because it unravels the many layers of Leonard and Snapper. James is pretty shocked to find out that these strong, muscular, scary guys really do know their way around a museum and can speak the language of art. It also shows that people are not what they seem display on the outside. Another thing that I added was different questions and images related to whom Leonard is meeting and what value they all are to him.

I think that this doodling process helped me ask myself more questions about what is going on in the plot opposed to just plain out reading. I thought that it enhanced my understanding of certain details in the story.   


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