Reading Assignment #ReadToSomeone

Book: A Million Little Pieces

Author: James Frey

Pages read: 377/430

I chose this passage because I felt like it was really powerful and compelling to read. I decided on this passage because It rung true to me. I know the feeling of lost everything, and especially loosing yourself in the midst of addiction.  To me, it seems like James is remembering everything that he has lost out on, and things that he may never get back to experience like a childhood. It reminds me of a dark place that I can go to.

Sometimes it feels like you become your illness, all of your destructive behaviors, and addictions just become you. You don’t remember who are are without the drugs, the alcohol, the sadness, and all of the grief and pain. I think a lot of people can relate to feeling this way. It’s easy to become your addiction. The hard part is recovering, and being able to put yourself back together, knowing who you really are. I felt like this was thought-provoking because it raises a lot of question about what amount of pain the character is in and why that might be.

Reading out loud increases your vocabulary and it makes you focus much more. If you read silently, sometimes you don’t entirely grasp what is exactly going on in the story. I think that it’s powerful to read stories aloud. Even though I hate reading out loud, I still believe that it challenges your mind. Also, I think that its such a simple concept, but a lot of teenagers aren’t exactly comfortable reading out loud or to a group of people. For me personally, I despise reading out loud. I think it is a mix of being 100% introvert and my unfortunate, extreme waves of anxiety It makes me feel really anxious and uncomfortable, which is why I did not read aloud and post it on social media.





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