Letters to Ana

Trapped with E.D

1. Dear Ana,

I would never speak to my four year old self like you speak to me.
2. Dear Ana, You are burning down the childhood home I used to love.
3. Dear ana, How could you call a four year old fat?
4. Dear Ana, I have too wanted to unhinge my body
to replace the extra fat with needles and pins,
to unfold myself in this skin
5. Dear Ana how could you do this to yourself?
6.Dear Ana, why don’t you feed the hungry
children you shove perfection down their throats
7. Dear Ana, your voice is so controlling
8. Dear Ana, This is my body, not yours
9. Dear Ana, stop interfering with my definition of beauty
10. Dear Ana, I can see your rib cage and hip bones, you are ill.
11. Dear Ana, you are still distorting my self image.
12. Dear Ana, you will never be perfect and neither will I.
13. Dear Ana, I can still hear your voice.
14. Dear Ana, you cant mold me into your standards any longer,
15. Dear Ana, Bulimia yanks hair out by the roots,
why don’t you just cut it all off.
here are the scissors here are the razors.
16.Dear Ana, My body is a ragged broom stick.
I am burning it to shreds.
17. Dear Ana, why don’t you feed the poor
with all of the food I have not consumed.
18. Dear Ana, I was seven once I realized the
symphony in your voice.
19. Dear Ana, I turned 17 this year. Ten years you
have whispered the word fat so many times
it’s carved into my skin.
20. Dear Ana, This is goodbye.

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